Importance of Quran Recitation!

Quran is the book of religious knowledge prescribed by God and revealed on holy Prophet (PBUH). The literal meaning of Islam is peace, while the linguistic meaning is submission. In context of Islam, it means specified submission. Followers of Islam are classified Muslims. Whoever, believes in the two test-ification of faith sheering them with an intention to leave out the blasphemy can be called a Muslim.

Oneness of Allah and the Prophet Hood of Muhammad (S.A.W.W.S.) are the two test-ifctaions of faith. Qur’an on the other hand side is the revelation from Allah to the last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.S.) through Gabriel. The Quran Tutor is the source of guidance for the humanity and followers of this sacred book are called Muslims.

Quran holds great sanctity, holiness, dignity, and authenticity for Muslims. However, this is the guidance book for Muslims, which deals with every subject of the world, yet the words and text of the book holds a great significance. The Quran itself says that, “Al-Araf [7:204] And when the Quran recitation, then listen to it and remain silent, that mercy may be shown to you”.

Online Quran recitation is a source of saw’aab for Muslims, whether you recite it yourself or you just simply listen to recitation by others. Al-Isra [17:45]” And when you recite the Quran, We place between you and those who do not believe in the hereafter a hidden barrier.” Online Quran Tutor can help you become a better Muslim, so you can enjoy a better status not only in this material world, but also in the eternal world hereafter as well. are highly qualified and experienced persons in Islamic education. Our Quran Tutors are focused on the correct pronunciation of Arabic words from day one, so after taking few classes students feel themselves the difference in the reading of Quran.

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